Wallet update released to address KGW exploit

Over the last couple of days we’d been watching the developments regarding an exploit in Kimoto’s Gravity Well. Apparently there is a problem in main.cpp which enabled a timewarp attack. There are a couple of dozen coins that are vulnerable, essentially any coin using KGW. Yesterday, we released source code that solves the problem. We were one of the first coins to release fixed code and fixed wallets!

Please download the new wallet ASAP! Version 1.862.1 is now available for Mac and Windows. Source is available on Github.


We also took this opportunity to fix the context-menu on the transaction list to send you to the official blockchain explorer.

If you entered the t-shirt drawing, please check your email!

I’ve now sent out a total of four sets of t-shirt wallet winner notifications and have yet to receive responses from anyone. The only thing I can think of is that these are, for some reason, getting caught in various spam filters.

So please, if you receive a notification that you’ve won one of our wallet t-shirts, please reply to the email within 48 hours so we can tag you as a winner! The wallets have been pre-loaded with MOON and are waiting for you…

Making Vanity Wallet Addresses for Mooncoin

Ever seen vanity wallet addresses? I first did when I looked at SatoshiDice. The wallet addresses for the game all started with “1DICE”… Then I started to see some others with cute messages or in-jokes. We deliberately used “2″ as the first digit in Mooncoin wallets because of the “to the moon” meme (“2 the moon!”).

So yesterday, when cooking up promos, we had this crazy idea about generating a bunch of vanity addresses starting with “2DaMoon” and giving them out as promotions. Then we realized that since we’d be the ones with the private keys, the end users would need to trust us to destroy the keys after giving them out. Frankly, we don’t want that headache.. So instead, we decided to write up a tutorial on how to generate your own vanity Mooncoin address. It’s super easy and you can have a lot of fun making your own addresses.

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Like Mooncoin? Win one of five shirt-wallets!

Hi, gang! As I mentioned yesterday, we’re going to kick off our promotional drive here by giving out some free stuff. Our first attempt will be some cool new t-shirts that will put the swing in your swagger… Or something like that!

Promo T-Shirt

Five shirts will be given away to some lucky Mooncoin fans. Consider these shirts to be commemorative mementos of Moon: each shirt contains unique QR codes for a pre-loaded wallet ready for you to plug into your local client.  It’s the same thing as a paper wallet, but instead it’s a 100% cotton, high-quality t-shirt that will surely attract attention wherever you go.

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February 2014 State of the MOON

Hi, everyone! We were planning on having monthly updates on the “state of the moon” earlier but it got a little lost with some of the changes recently, the BTC news over the last couple of weeks, etc. With some of the questions we’ve been getting on the various forums, Reddit, and Twitter, we figured that today would be a good time for us to respond and give some updates.

We’ll discuss some of the promotional items for Mooncoin, pricing of the coin, and our reaction to the unfolding BTC news.

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Looking for Admin of Moonchain.info

Does anyone know who is running Moonchain.info? We can’t seem to get in touch with anyone in charge of their site.

The reason it’s important to do so is that the block explorer they are running is using the old wallet code and has stopped displaying results since the hard fork. We’ve had a few people ask about it and we can only give them the URL to our own block explorer.

If anyone knows who is running Moonchain.info, please ask them to reach our on our IRC channel (irc.freenode.net, #mooncoin).

CoinsManager Looks Pretty Slick, Uses Mooncoin in Demo

We were made aware of a neat new open source tool that is coming “real soon now” called CoinsManager.  It’s an on-line wallet viewer without the use of private keys, thus being extremely secure! Think of it as your own personal dashboard into all of your crypto-currency holdings and their values. Pretty slick!

Well, today their second video came out demonstrating how to add another coin to the software and they used Mooncoin as their demonstration coin!

The software is not available yet but the developers want to get an alpha release out in the hands of the public soon. Keep an eye on this one! You can read more about it at CryptoCoinsNews.